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It is certainly undeniable that today, more than yesterday, country destinations, small in size and surrounded by the nature, such as Borgo La Casaccia, are safer than in more crowded situations such as city centers. However this is not enough:

Safety has always been at the top of our priorities: it’s a form of respect for those who choose us to spend their holidays, but also for the safety of our workers and ourselves:

Here is concretely what You need to know about Covid-19 prevention at Borgo La Casaccia:

  • All apartments are sanitized according to the procedures dictated by the "Safe Welcome - Safe Hospitality" protocol which was drawn up by Federalberghi Italia (Federation of Italian Hotel and Tourism Associations) and it offers the highest safety standards.
  • All apartments are completely independent from each other, no one will enter in the apartment without your authorization.
  • The only covered common areas of Borgo La Casaccia are the Reception and the Taverna: the stay at the reception is always guaranteed for a duration of less than 15 minutes (duration shorter than 15 minutes are not considered as "prolonged contact”). In the Reception, to wear a facemask is mandatory. About the Taverna: it is a passage of 20 square meters, which has two opening doors that allow the total ventilation. In the tavern there is the possibility to buy products such as wine or soft drinks etc. Just sanitize your hands with the special dispensers that We have made available before touching the products.
  • About the garden: We are very lucky because it is so large that it always guarantees the necessary distance between guests. A facemask is therefore not mandatory. There are sanitizing dispensers in different points of the park.
  • About the pools: the pools are really large (in fact the pools of Borgo La Casaccia have a very large size, in relation to the limited size of the structure) and it is always possible to respect the necessary distance in the water. In the solarium area, on the other hand, positions with umbrellas and seats have been identified for each apartment. These stations are adequately spaced from each other. At the end of each day all the stations and the solarium area are properly sanitized.
  • About the shared bathroom in the swimming pool area: it is properly sanitized every day. Users just need to sanitize their hands, before and after use, using the special dispenser We have made available.