Truffle Hunting Experience in Tuscany

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Tuscany, especially the countryside enclosed within the  medieval villages of San Miniato and Palaia, represents  the beating heart of truffle hunting.  Here, takes place the research and the collection of three  prized species of truffle: the Bianchetto trufle (Tuber  borchii) that grows and  ripes from January to April;  from May to September, we  can find the Scorzone truffle  (Tuber aestivum); and  lastly, from September to  January, truffle hunters set  out in search of the White  truffle (Tuber magnatum).  The  special  climatic  conditions, the particular  type ofsoil, and the  preservation of the natural  environment, make San Miniato and his surroundings  one of the main collection sites in the world for the  quantity but, above all, for the quality of trufle  It is not by chance that in 1951, in the hills adjacent to  the small village of Balconevisi, between San Miniato  and Palaia, were found the biggest trufle in the world  weighing in at 2,520 kg.  
Having the fortune to live  atho iew places in Italy  where the precious trufle  found, we are pleased  to invite you to join us to an amazing experience!  We offer you an exciting truflle hunting route with an  expert truffle hunter and his trusty dogs!  You  will  have  the  opportunity to see how the  real  excavation  and  collection of  truffle  unfolds.  
The hike, ompletely  immersed in the nature,  takes you through the  hidden places jealously  guarded by the truffle  hunter. Here, you will be  told all the secrets of the  truffle: where it grows,  how it develops, and how  it is cooked.  
The tour takes approximately 1.30 hour and the meeting  point with the trufle hunter is in the small village of  Corazzano, easibly reachable by car.  At the end of the tour, you will be offered a local truffle  product tasting!  

Price: Eur 72 per person
Children under 12: Free
Reservation needed