Discover Agritourism near Lucca - Borgo La Casaccia

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Location of Borgo La Casaccia farmhouse in the heart of Tuscany will perfectly suit a day trip to Lucca sightseeing. Surrounded by its mighty Renaissance-era walls, Lucca offers an incredible variety of sightseeing destinations blending architecture, culture and art of Ancient and medieval origin.

Visiting Lucca it is easy to recognize landscape of ancient Roman origin that is still present in Lucca city plan. In medieval times it was an important city and fortress prospering thanks to silk trade. Remaining independent for over half a millennium until Napoleonic conquest, Lucca had been the second largest Italian city state after Venice.

Lucca must see destinations include variety of palaces, villas, houses, offices, and museums representing various periods of city history. The major part of Lucca sightseeing can be discovered in a day trip with accommodation in our Agriturismo farmhouse. Palazzo Ducale represents centuries of architectural excellence while Palazzo Pfanner is famous for its gardens now hosting art venue. The beauty of Italian villas can be discovered in Villa Garzoni, noted for its water gardens. Visit cards of any Italian city, towers in Lucca are represented by magnificent Torre delle Ore and Guinigi Tower with panoramic view from tower-top balcony. National Museums of Palazzo Mansi and Villa Guinigi are must-see Lucca destinations to dive into its history and cultural heritage.

Lucca is 62 kilometres from Borgo La Casaccia farmhouse, about 1 hour and 10 minutes by car. Organize your stay blending a day trip to visit Lucca and inimitable accommodation in genuine Italian agriturismo farmhouse in Tuscany.