Holiday apartments with breakfast

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Borgo La Casaccia offers apartments with fully equipped kitchens, so  our guests have the freedom to choose between cooking directly in the apartment or sitting at one of the many Tuscan restaurants that are located a short distance from the Borgo (the restaurants are just 1,5 km far)

But we also offer the Breakfast service in the apartment, through the “Breakfast Box”, which we prepare together with a bar and a bakery of the historic center of Montaione.

By choosing breakfast you will receive your Box that you can collect directly from the Taverna of our Borgo

From today it is therefore possible to choose if you want to take advantage of your stay in an farmhouse in Tuscany with breakfast included

VUOTO (Plain/ ohne Fullung) €1,5
CIOCCOLATO (Chocolate/mit Schokolade gefullt)  €1,5
CREMA (Custard/mit Vanillecreme gefullt)€1,5
PANCAKE con Nutella,succo d'acero (maple syrup/Ahornsirup)€4,0
PROSCIUTTO COTTO + FONTINA (Ham and Cheese/Schinken und Kase)  €3,5
MOZZARELLA+POMODORO (Mozzarella+Tomate)  €3,5
MAIONESE+TONNO+POMODORO (mayo+tuna+tomato/Mayo+Thunfisch++Tomate)€3,5
BIANCO (White/Weissbrot)  €3,0
INTEGRALE (Wholewheat/Vollkornbrot)  €3,3
MACEDONIA (Fruit Salad/Obstsalat)€5,0
LATTE INTERO 1 Lt (milk,Milch) €3,0
YOGURT BIANCO 200ml (white yogurt, Naturjoghurt)€2,5
SPREMUTA ARANCIA (fresch orange juice/frischer Orangensaft)€4,5