Tuscan Curiosities

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1 - Florence has been the capital of Italy, for 5 years, before Rome.

2 - In Siena there is the oldest bank in the world, and still in business: it is the Monte dei Paschi di Siena

3 - In Tuscany there are 8 Unesco sites. It is the italian region with the highest number

4 - You all know the leaning tower of Pisa .. but, also in Pisa (obviously it is a vice) there is another leaning tower! It is the bell tower of the Church of San Michele degli Scalzi

5- The Dome of the Florence Cathedral is the largest brick dome in the world: needless to say that since its construction and for many years it was the largest dome in the world in general

6 - You certainly know the Palio di Siena: but in how many “contrade”, ( districts of the city), is Siena divided? They are 17

7 - In Prato (where I was born) there is the second largest Chinese community in Italy (after that of Milan)

8 - Guess which was the first city in the world to pave the streets? Yes .. always her, Florence!

9 - And Pinocchio? Is it a Walt Disney creation? Well no; Pinocchio was born from the pen of the Florentine Carlo Collodi, and in the province of Pistoia there is even a park dedicated to the famous puppet

10- There were 72 towers in San Gimignano. Todays  there are 16 left, and this is already an incredible place, imagine how it must have been in its heyday.

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