The typical tuscan bottle of wine

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When we think about typical Tuscan products, the wine is certainly the first thing  that comes to mind; and We have to say thanks to the talented Tuscan winemakers, who make products of true excellence worldwide. But if We imagine a bottle of wine, associated with the Tuscany, it is certainly the shape that comes to mind, and which symbolizes Tuscan wine:

The “Fiasco”

Rounded shape, surrounded by a straw covering, immediately brings to the mind the tables of the farmers. But what is its history? It seems that “the fiasco” was born in the area of ​​Borgo La Casaccia, in the Valdelsa, where famous and important ” blowers” (experts in the art of glass) lived. The straw “dress” was born almost immediately, because it made it possible to make the bottles more resistant to shocks and to protect the contents from the sun's rays. Right from the start we find the “fiasco” on the tables of all the towns of Central Italy, as evidenced, for example, by the works of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

 The dimensions of the “fiasco” varied, the shape was not as perfect as it is today, until the Grand Duke of Tuscany, in 1574, imposed mandatory measures on the blowers, and he imposed also the use of the lily brand affixed as a symbol of the authenticity of Tuscan wine. In fact,  even then there were frauds on wine!

The years pass, the industry arrives, and also the economic boom. The straw disappears (replaced by plastic), and at the same time the use of the “Bordeaux bottle” spreads, which gave advantages in terms of storage and collection on the bottom of the wine sediments.

So The “Fiasco” returns to a country dimension, and unfortunately it is often associated with a low quality wine, which is not true at all.

In short, the Fiasco is today a romantic element, which it is important to rediscover, knowing that within it You can find wines of great quality.

A curiosity, especially for our friends who do not speak the Italian language: We say "fiasco" when wìWe face a failure, when the expectations are not met.

So Why We use the word “fiasco”, which identifies a bottle? There are two explanations, choose the one you like the best:

- It was an expression of the glass blowers who, wanting to obtain a certain shapes, made a mistake, and obtained the typical rounded shape of the flask.

- the use of this expression is linked to Domenico Biancolelli, a Florentine artist, who created amusing monologues in theaters using props. Once He brought on stage a “fiasco” of wine, but the audience didn't enjoy the performance  and started booing him .. the perfomance therefore was a "fiasco"

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